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Interesting Times Magazine #06


The sixth installment of the magazine has hit the virtual shelves! With the escalating global unrest it is becoming increasingly important to make sure you're prepared for whatever the world throws at you. How can we help you with that, you might ask?

How to become a personally developed ninja, how to cope with the futility of existence, what Swedish libertarian babes are like, how to utilize the virtues of the pirates, building your own G.E.C.K., how to get a girlfriend are but a sample of the treats hidden inside. Do enjoy, friends!

A Technique for Producing Ideas: The importance of being able to "come up with ideas"
Self Development Ninja Style
Overcoming perceptual barriers for the next generation of Space Exploration
On the awesome meaninglessness of life
So you want my lifestyle: Libertarian babe in Sweden
How to live like a pirate – without the Murder and Mayhem
The Myth of Your Mother's Basement: Balancing Work, Family and Gaming
Toward a real life G.E.C.K.:
What it means to be a Badass
Business mentor chats: Derek Sivers
How to get a girlfriend
The brave new world of internet marketing
Waiting for Armageddon in the Emerald triangle
Becoming the confident man
Mind hacking: 3 ways to increase your intelligence
Why you already live in a cyberpunk future
How to not fail at New year’s resolutions
Bodybuilding psychology/spirituality

Language English
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